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Full-service Web Devlopment and Print Solutions For Your Business

KIARO Computer Solutions was established in 1996, specializing in print design. By 2005, we had transitioned to a full-service web development company geared toward creating an all-inclusive Internet presence designed to meet each clients' specific needs. Whether you are a small, upcoming company or an established corporation, we can build your business' web presence from the ground up, providing you with Internet and Intranet services, email, brand identity, and the necessary commercial elements required by your specific industry. Our team of experts consists of designers, writers, editors, database developers and programmers. Our clientele includes large and small businesses, corporations, retailers and service providers who have benefited from our cutting-edge development team. We are expert professionals with experience in creating and maintaining an eye-catching, accessible and functional online presence. For those who request it, we can design an intuitive graphical user interface (GUI), which will allow you to maintain and update your own website content. However, WebSite Beacon also offers full-service maintenance plans to relieve you of these tasks so you can concentrate on your business goals.

In order to maximize efficiency and website effectiveness, we can install and develop cross-platform interfaces with searchable databases and a GUI designed specifically for each user's level. Additionally, WebSite Beacon will act as your personal web host. We have partnered with a distinguished web hosting company that boasts a 99.999% uptime for its servers, making it one of the largest and most reliable web server providers in the country. These reliable servers will guarantee that your site will always be accessible to your audience. Our sites are designed using state-of-the-art Internet technology, keeping you ahead of the curve. Our experts are able to develop a site that contains multimedia, advanced web formatting, interactive applications, and other features currently available on the Internet. By offering design, content, and service support throughout the site's entire lifetime, we will ensure that your Internet presence is secure and protected. Additionally, we are experts in brand design, development, and adaptation. Whether you have an established Brand Identity or are in need of one, our design team can create a design template that emphasizes the look and feel you want to portray in both Web Presence and Printed Matter.

Just For Print Designers

At KCS, we have developed a special niche. Through our vast experience working with several print and web design studios, we have developed several working relationships. Many of these partnerships have been made with print designers who realize the need to advance further into interactive media. Seing the need, we developed an area which primarily addresses the needs of the Print Designer who is transitioning into the interactive industry. We welcome you to speak with us to take those initial steps into the world of Internet application development.

For more information, please contact Nick Chiacchiaro.